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Bat Plant
Devil Flower

Tacca chantrieri

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Bat Plant or Devil Flower, Tacca chantrieri, is native to Southeast Asia. The purple-black flower looks somewhat like a flying bat, a sinister face or a mean cat with lots of whiskers

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In South Florida outdoors, Bat Plant usually blooms in late summer and early fall

Bat Plant is bat-like in color, shape and quite a complex plant with interesting side bracts of dark shiny green and white leaves. After flowering, berries are produced

Tacca chantrieri is grown in shade with filtered light and perfect wind protection. Use a rich organic soil mix with good drainage. Bat Plant could be a houseplant with high humidity

A close relative from South China is Tacca plantaginea called "Cat's Whiskers" and is a tropical perennial herb. It sports large leaves and also has long tread-like filaments as its whiskers. The foliage is a much lighter green and the flowers are white rather than purple-black

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