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Bailey's copernicia palm

Copernicia baileyana

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Zone 10-11

Bailey's copernicia palm is a big, bold specimen palm guaranteed to impress and make a statement wherever planted and seen

Rated to 40-50 feet, you need room for this hulky tower of a tree from Cuba

You get a feeling for the mighty presence of this palm in this picture

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Copernicia baileyana trunk can be 5 feet wide, is smooth and is grey.  Frond size can be 5 feet wide and held in groups of sometimes dozens of fronds to make a serious statement 

Where folks in your neighborhood use Royal palm, you will clearly upstage with your  Copernicia baileyana plantings

Handles periods of drought very well after establishment, and food needs are typical

Plant in most any loose soil with a full sun exposure; water to establish and fuss for 2 years, then expect carefree growth

When young,  Copernicia baileyana is exceptionally gorgeous because you see the huge fronds so clearly.  Bailey's copernicia palm is somewhat hard to buy, so expect to start with a palm like these , unless you have a serious budget or field grown sizes.  Because they are a fuss to establish, we'd begin with smaller potted palms