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Schefflera arboricola "Trinette"

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Zone 9-10

Those of you who know the name Schefflera are probably thinking of the plain green tree in landscapes or as houseplants everywhere

The tree Schefflera actinophylla is on Florida's invasive plant list and is recommended to not plant, and removal is preferred if you own one.  A major reason is the roots are aggressive, get to be invasive and destructive

Totally the opposite is the lovely, delicate and versatile Arboricola, here pictured is our favorite variety, the "Trinette" in plenty of sun.  The top photo is the same plant in shade

Arboricola 'Trinette'  is a wonderful "no care" plant except for occasional food.  Use Arboricola as an accent plant in sun or shade and it can also perform a hedge function, but low, yet thick

Most often we landscape designers use floods of Arboricola knowing the height is easy to maintain, usually useful kept at 3-4 feet high.  Arboricola fits in almost anywhere and looks great with other plants or flowers mixed in the same bed

As a houseplant, you can't beat the ease of Arboricola.  Just as easy as the tree Schefflera, but dainty, colorful, and versatile indoors

You folks who "kill everything" should get Arboricola.  Your exact color will vary as will leaf size, all based on the amount of bright light hours (or sun).  The more light, the brighter the contrasts and the smaller the leaves, but you'll have plenty of leaves regardless

There are other named (some patented) Arboricola varieties including:

  • Arboricola - Braided

  • Arboricola 'Dazzle' #1  #2

  • Arboricola - 'Gold Capella'

  • Arboricola - 'Gold Finger'

  • Arboricola - 'Luseane'  pp9955

  • Arboricola - 'Variegata'

  • Arboricola - 'Worthy'