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Anthurium species

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Zone 10 or HousePlants

Anthuriums are herbaceous perennials and are desired for their stunning leaf shapes and sizes. Others are grown for their attractive colorful waxy spathes. Click the pictures below to enlarge

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It is estimated there are over 500 species of anthurium which originate from the American tropics. Many are also air plants

The foliage is extremely variable and almost all species demand low to bright light (but never any strong direct sun) in shaded conditions. The soil, should be loose, very well drained and extremely rich in organic content. Protection from wind is desired to not harm the attractive leaves

Most folks think of this variety as Anthurium

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As houseplants, regular human indoor light conditions can be OK with enough bright light hours, but warmth is essential. Water faithfully even in cool and cold months but insure excellent drainage. Food is required

Other photos we have include:

  • Anthurium crystallinum, Pic #1   #2   #3
  • Anthurium 'Birds Nest', Pic #1   #2
  • Anthurium luxuriens, pic
  • Anthurium faustomirandae, pic
  • Anthurium 'Ace of Spades' Pic #1  #2
  • Anthurium 'Favorita', pic
  • Anthurium veitchii, pic
  • Anthurium Unknown, Pic #1   #2
  • Anthurium superbum, pic
  • Anthurium watermaliense, pic

TROPICA lists and pictures these Anthurium varieties:

  • Anthurium andraenum
  • Anthurium andraenum album
  • Anthurium giganteum
  • Anthurium 'Guatmala'
  • Anthurium rhodochlorum
  • Anthurium rubrum
  • Anthurium bakeri
  • Anthurium clarinervium
  • Anthurium coriaceum
  • Anthurium corrugatum
  • Anthurium crystallinum
  • Anthurium x ferrierense
  • Anthurium gladifolium
  • Anthurium holtonianum
  • Anthurium hookeri
  • Anthurium leuconeurum
  • Anthurium magnificum
  • Anthurium pandurartum
  • Anthurium papillonensis
  • Anthurium pedato-radiatum
  • Anthurium scherzianum 'Rothchildiatum'
  • Anthurium veitchii
  • Anthurium warocqueanum