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Allamanda cathartica

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Zone 9-10

Allamanda is native to Brazil and is very popular in Florida. Related to the oleander, Allamanda cathartica is a vine, but there is also an Allamanda shrub called 'bush allamanda' and Latin Allamanda schottii. In the warm months, the dwarf shrub Allamanda is excellent. The classic color for all three is a rich deep yellow. In the photo at the top, a coral vine is climbing along as well

The Allamanda vine is a fast growing rampant vine that always looks better with training and pruning. It flowers all year but its best colors are in the warm months in Florida. Run it on a fence, up a trellis, but always provide support as it has no tendrils for gripping

Plant the vine, the shrub and the dwarf in full sun in most any decent soil. They have few pests, enjoy a little food, but are basically carefree

Allamanda vines are now seen in other colors besides yellow. Here is a rose colored vine. How about a nice cream colored flower? There is a 'chocolate' and a white version as well.  We have seen white as well