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Large Agave @ Dry Garden
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Zone 7-10

Pictured is an Agave.  Agave plants are succulent herbaceous perennials. Because they can take some cold weather, they are seen all over the State of Florida and much of the South USA

These are bold accent plants seen in many shapes, sizes and colors. Even more popular in recent years as xeriscaped landscapes have increased in popularity

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Some can be tiny and some up to 6 feet across. The leaves are thick (succulent) and almost always have a very sharp needle tip. Because the leaves are strong, bumping into the tip will pierce you deeply

They handle hot dry weather with ease. Once established, little care is needed, however, they LOVE fertilizer and respond very well to feeding. Any well drained soil is fine, but a sandy mix is best

Most spend years growing before blooming. They will send up a shoot - at the top will develop a flower. In some species, the shoot may be 15 feet tall

Here's a serious agave bloomer.  Below we believe is Agave avellanidens, sold to us for use in a home landscape as 'dwarf agave' 

Popular varieties include:

  • Agave americana
  • Agave angustifolia "Woodrowii"
    Agave neglecta
  • Agave stricta
  • Agave tequilana (Agave azul, from which we create Tequila)
  • Agave victoriae-reginae
  • Agave ferdinandi-regis
  • Agave filifera
  • Agave miradorensis
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