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African Violets

Saintpaulia ionantha

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African Violets are truly from East Africa,  African Violets are evergreen perennials grown for their engaging flowers and attractive foliage. In the picture is an award winner from a recent local Fort Lauderdale show

African Violets require warm conditions, a minimum of 60 degrees, prefer a humid home, bright but sun-shaded conditions, fertile and perfectly drained organic soil

There is no truth to the rumor that leaves should not get wet. Cleaning leaves with water is a good practice but ongoing, clinging moisture is not desired. Leaf washing also keeps away pests like spider mites

A well drained soil is critical and light routine feeding with an African Violet food is a must

Find a location with bright light. Less light is OK, but you will miss many potential blooms

Water to completely soak soil, then allow soil to go as dry as your African Violets can stand before watering again

There are so many varieties and hybrids, a collector could spend a lifetime gathering his plants. Here are some more well-bred plants: