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Sausage Tree

Kigelia pinnata or Kigelia africana

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Zone 10

Ultra cool is the world famous Sausage Tree, Kigelia pinnata or Kigelia africana.  As you can see above, the fruits hang from stalks and look like giant salami sausages.  Sausages can be two feet long and weight up to 15 pounds each

But wait.  This fine tropical evergreen tree from Africa also has amazing fragrant flowers.  Candelabra flower clusters, like the sausage fruits, also descend from ropelike stalks.  Below, view immature flowers soon to open

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This is exciting.  But there's more.  In the night, the flowers open showing a deep red inflorescence that is both fragrant and beautiful

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Easy to grow in zone 10, the Sausage Tree tops out at 30-40 feet.  A fine specimen shade tree which includes the triple bonus of (1) sausages, (2) top-of-the-line blooms + (3) fragrance

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Great combination of features, eh?

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