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True Bay Leaf Tree
Bay Laurel
Roman Bay
Grecian Laurel

Laurus nobilis

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Zone 7-10

You may have never tasted a True Bay Leaf in your entire life

You may be wondering "what's all the fuss?" because you don't know the extraordinary contribution the real thing makes to cooking

The reason is in America, the leaves of California bay (Umbellularia californica) are sometimes sold to you as bay leaves you buy at your grocery store and use in your recipes.  The two trees are not even in the same plant family and there is no comparison between the two for culinary use

Only Laurus nobilis is the true Laurel of Greek and Roman mythology

Poet laureate, Ovid, retold the story of the Greek nymph, Daphne, who was transformed into a Laurel Tree by her father, Peneus, so that she could avoid the amorous pursuit of the god, Apollo.  Thereafter, Apollo wore a wreath of Laurel to show his love for Daphne

Native to Mediterranean regions, but famous and cherished everywhere, Bay Leaf Tree is used in cultures worldwide as a essential cooking spice and a lovely evergreen small tree, mostly seen potted

Europeans like to keep their Bay Laurel smallish, typically 5-7 feet, easy to pick and enjoy.  We suggest you do the same

In France, for example, True Laurel would be found potted in almost every patio close to the kitchen for convenient  picking of fresh aromatic leaves.  This is the true culinary Laurel used extensively in cooking in French, Italian, Spanish and American Creole cuisines, to name just a few

Bay laurel is a favorite for topiary sculpture because it responds very well to pruning. It can be trained as a standard or allowed to grow as a spreading shrub

Very exciting is that True Bay Leaf Tree is rated down to 20 degrees (or less) so can easily be grown outdoors year around in zones 7-10.  Potted with occasional winter protection, your Bay Laurel can be grown and enjoyed everywhere in the USA, 365 days a year