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Heaven Lotus

Gustavia gracillima

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Zone 10-11

What a sensational true tropical ...with "Heaven" in its common name, Gustavia gracillima.  Said to be native to Columbia, Gustavia gracillima is a small tropical tree or medium shrub, likely seen no more than 5 feet, and best handled in a pot (to insure the ability to protect)

There is virtually zero Internet information about Gustavia gracillima, and ALL our books struck out as well ...and that's never happened before

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We will sprout seeds for Heaven Lotus early 2011, but our seeds are coming not from Columbia, rather somewhere in Java (a secret source of rare tropicals we picked up last year).  Seedling plants, we trust, will be available for our customers late spring or early summer.  If things go well, you too will be able to own and grow this spectacular flowering tree that no one you will ever know has seen live

Our personal Heaven Lotus plant will be permanetly potted in a 15-gallon terra cotta container


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